There are few things I love more on the internet that seeing what helps peoples' digital lives tick. This is my attempt to share my little corner of the internet.

My career as I know it started way back in 1995. I designed and built my first website that year… using Microsoft Word. It was awful. Later that same year, though, I had my first paying job as a freelance web-designer — $50 from a local church music group for a website full of frames, tables, and font tags. Of course, I was 12 at the time and didn't know any better. Now, more than 20 years later, the fundamentals of what I do haven't changed and neither has how much I love doing it. Fortunately for me (and for my career), I've given up the font tags and tables for CSS, semantic HTML, a heaping helping of JavaScript, and even a few server-side languages.

Presently my focus is on user interface engineering emphasizing standards, accessibility and the end-user experience. I constantly strive for pixel perfect implementations, highly flexible and reusable code and the highest quality craftsmanship for all of my work. Ruby on Rails and Ember.js are my frameworks of choice these days, with the occasional dabbling in Node, Backbone, and all manner of static site generators.

I currently reside in Longmont, CO and am a happily employed Software Engineer for HashiCorp.


Most people that know me say I have at least a few to many computers. Honestly, I can't argue with that. I've got a soft spot for Apple and rarely more than arms length away from a device connected to the Internet.

For work I use an oddly trash can shaped hex-core Mac Pro hooked up to two shiny new 27" Apple Cinema Displays.

On the go, I prefer my diminutive 11" Macbook Air which, after more than 5 years, I still swear is one of the best computers ever made. At home I have a beast of a custom built Windows whose entire purpose is watching and playing PC games. In addition to that, a Mac Mini hooked up to a glorious new Samsung plasma and a pile of Apple TVs scattered throughout the house.

All of my media gets served from a Synology NAS with 15TB worth of drives stuffed in it hooked up to way too much enterprise grade networking gear for a private residence and a Mac Mini Server for odds and ends like automatic downloads, time machine backups, and continuous integration and automated testing.

For travel, I've got a 32GB Retina iPad mini, a Kindle Voyage when I want to do serious reading and a pile of Nikon gear for when I want to take a photograph.

All of my keyboards are of the mechanical persuasion and my mice are Razer.

Oh, and of course I have an iPhone 6 never out of arms reach.


Good hardware is nothing without good software. I do my best to keep a fairly limited set of tools at my disposal and all have been heavily customized to my process at this point.

All of my code, articles and even to-do lists are written in Sublime Text 3. I browse the internet with Chrome. Version my code with Git and Github. Read my feeds with Reeder. Perform backups with SuperDuper. Chat through Adium. Manage photos with Lightroom. Move files with Transmit. See what people are talking about with Tweetbot.

And my entire digital life is in the hands of Dropbox.

The Site

This site's design is a heavily modified version of the Information Architects' iA3 Wordpress Theme built with Middleman and hosted entirely on S3 through the magic of Terraform.