markupboy is written and produced by Blake Walters — Interactive developer, markup nerd and standardista hailing from a time when the font tag was acceptable.

My career as I know it started way back in 1995. I designed and built my first website that year… using Microsoft Word. It was awful. Later that same year, though, I had my first paying job as a freelance web-designer — $50 from a local church music group for a website full of frames, tables, and font tags. Of course, I was 12 at the time and didn't know any better. Now, more than 20 years later, the fundamentals of what I do haven't changed and neither has how much I love doing it. Fortunately for me (and for my career), I've given up the font tags and tables for CSS, semantic HTML, a heaping helping of JavaScript, and even a few server-side languages.

Presently my focus is on user interface engineering emphasizing standards, accessibility and the end-user experience. I constantly strive for pixel perfect implementations, highly flexible and reusable code and the highest quality craftsmanship for all of my work. Ruby on Rails and Ember.js are my frameworks of choice these days, with the occasional dabbling in Node, Backbone, and all manner of static site generators.

I currently reside in Longmont, CO and am a happily employed Software Engineering Manager at Invision.


Software Engineer, HashiCorp

Software engineer for Atlas. Primarily responsible for application design and implementation of Ember.js applications used to support products developed by HashiCorp.

Front-End Developer, Big Cartel

Primary owner of most things front-end for the entire Big Cartel app eco system. My app work is entirely built in the Rails view layer, utilitzing CoffeeScript, SASS, and HAML and most marketing-style work is built using the static site generator Middleman. We emphasize thoughtful, responsive builds for all new products that a delight to use on any sized device from the smallest of smartphones to the largest of desktop displays.

Major contributions include the seamless checkout application that taps into Big Cartel's theming system and integrates with Stripe and PayPal express to provide stores with a style-matched checkout flow for their shop's - built on Backbone.js; A full mobile admin tailored to touch devices built on a hand-rolled interface framework that handles routing and page specific script execution; and a number of internal tools and libraries to assist in the company's day-to-day operations.

Sr. Front-End Developer, Viget Labs

Senior member of Viget Labs front-end development team. Responsbile for HTML, JavaScript and CSS development and custom ExpressionEngine implementations. Currently working on both desktop and mobile executions for a variety of clients.

Notable project work includes the Duke Admissions, Epic Games' Unreal Technology, Rails application BypassLane, Rumble Games' and Philippe Cousteau's EarthEcho.

Sr. User Interface Architect, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Responsible for leading standards-based front-end implementations for a wide variety of static and dynamic websites as well as sustainable web applications. Developed agency-wide architecture for front-end implementations and defined the process by which standards-based user interfaces are implemented. Responsible for interactive department education on my speciality, including intensive technical training for developers, process training for producers and technical consideration training for designers

Notable project work includes CPB Group's website, the American Express Open Forum, Microsoft's, Burger King's and more for clients such as Domino's Pizza, Volkswagen and Coke Zero.

Sr. Web Developer and Designer, Delta Systems Group

Primary responsibilities include the analysis, design and maintenance of both small and large scale commercial and corporate web sites and web-based applications as well as database design and software development and testing. Also served as web server administrator for over 40 hosted domains across multiple servers. Responsible for all functions of those domains and servers including website, email, database and DNS hosting.


University of Missouri - Columbia

Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a focus in web application development as well as a minor in Mathematics.


User interface planning, architecture and implementation focusing on web standards and web application development and design.

Coding, Markup & Databases

HTML, CSS, Javascript (including frameworks such as jQuery), ExpressionEngine, Python and Django, PHP, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, MySQL

Expert in the fields of web standards-based development, mobile web development, and front-end web application development.

Programming Proficiencies

Web Standards, Accesibility, MVC Frameworks (including Rails and Django), Content Management Systems (namely ExpressionEngine), and Object Oriented Development.

Internet Systems Administration

Primary experience in Unix based servers, Apache and nginx webservers, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, ExpressionEngine, Ruby on Rails and Django deployment, Subversion (SVN) and Git version tracking.

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ExpressionEngine Code Igniter Conference (EECI) · FED Sacrifice, DC · DevNation


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