Dots for Tots

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This Friday, March 25th, 2011, some of my great friends at Viget and I are hosting the first annual Dots for Tots Ms. Pac-Man marathon. Starting Friday morning at 8:00 am EST we'll fire up our original Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table and won't quit until donations stop coming in and we'll be broadcasting the whole thing live on our site at

Every cent donated goes directly to Child's Play Charity so come check us out, enjoy the show, and help out a really great cause.

Dots For Tots harnesses the power of Ms. Pac-man, and our irrational love for her, for good.

The first annual Dots For Tots is a gaming marathon of nostalgic proportions. The Falls Church, VA office of Viget Labs proudly boasts a cocktail model of Ms. Pac-Man - and a handful of Viget's web nerds play the classic arcade game a bit too much. So on March 25, starting at 8am EST they'll hold a Ms. Pac-Man marathon to raise funds for Child's Play, a charity that gives games to children's hospitals worldwide.

Donations are taken on the site and 100% of the proceeds go straight to Child's Play. As the donation total rises, so does the length of time that the team will continue to play Ms. Pac-Man. The initial goal is to play for eight hours and raise $1,200 but the game will extend as long as donations allow. The marathon will be broadcast live at where viewers can watch the action, see the scores, donate money, tweet at the players, and chat with them via UStream. The players will chart their scores over the day and battle it out to make the Top 10 list. As the day progresses, the competitive spirit might turn the players against each other, or at the very least make them loopy after several consecutive hours of Ms. Pac-Man. Either way it promises to be entertaining and for a worthy cause.

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