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Listening to DOM Events

Working on a recent project, I ran into an issue with 1password autofill causing unexpected results with a form I'd built. I needed to know what browser events were being fired on a specific field in order to debug the problem. There are a few options here - bind an event listener in-code to every conceivable event and then log the arguments passed to the console to see what the event happened to be or better yet, just use monitorEvents.

Recent versions of webkit browsers and firebug support the monitorEvents method, which takes a DOM object as it's only argument and will spit out every event occurring on that object to the console. So you can run a bit of code like so


where someid is the id of the thing you want to monitor and you're all set without ever having to touch your own code.

Practical Tips for Custom Plugin Development: EECI 2012

I'll have a more extensive write up later (thought EE Insider's write-up is pretty good on its own), but I wanted to put up a quick note that my slides and companion code are available online.

You can view the slides over on Speaker Deck and a repository for the code has been created over on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone that made it out!

EECI 2012

The details for this year's EECI were posted just yesterday and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to be speaking. Well, excited and terrified as there are a ton of really great speakers and, if last year in Brooklyn was any indication, one of the sharpest groups of attendees I've met at any conference.

For my part, I'll be speaking about writing custom plugins for your projects. Everything from how to get started and the basics of plugin authoring to more advanced features and how to leverage some of ExpressionEngine's CodeIgniter backbone to accomplish even more custom work without overburdening your templates with inline PHP.

Alfred Tip: Hotkey a Folder

I switched to Alfred from the once great Quicksilver not too long ago and instantly bought the Alfred Power Pack solely to have access to the system-wide hotkeys it provides.

One trick I found helpful was to hotkey a folder for quick access to my most used directories on my computer. If you have the power pack, it's quite simple. Open up your Alfred preferences and go to the Global Hotkeys panel. Add a new hotkey and instead of selecting an app or a file, just select a folder for the "action" and set your hotkey.


Now, using that hotkey will open a finder window for that directory; it's that simple. I currently use CMD + ` to open my Dropbox folder and CMD + ALT + ` to open my mounted file server.

The Social Graph is Neither

We have a name for the kind of person who collects a detailed, permanent dossier on everyone they interact with, with the intent of using it to manipulate others for personal advantage - we call that person a sociopath. And both Google and Facebook have gone deep into stalker territory with their attempts to track our every action.